Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finding Our Way (measurements reflect framed image)

In each image in this series of pen and ink drawings there is a story to be told. The titles hint at what to look for in the images. See what you can find...
"Two Fish Talking" archival ink 12.5"x15"
"Orca Circle" archival ink 13"x15"

"New Kid on the Block" archival ink 13"x15"

 "The Scattering" archival ink 10.5"x24"
 "Bathing Beauties" archival ink 17.5"x15"
 "Coming Through" archival ink 22.5"x13"
"Kaleidescope Frogs" archival ink 13.75"x15"

 "Working it Out" archival ink 13.5"x15"
"Ready to Fly" archival ink 22"x11"

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